We need more than just another motivational speech

Win personally and professionally with determination

Motivation is relying on an external source to trigger a desire to take action. Beatrice aims to equip you to become inspired enough to discover your own long-lasting determination.
Motivation alone will energize you but can be short lived when it's external source is no longer present. Inspiration will cause you to gain a new perspective and understanding of something on a deeper level leading you to push yourself intrinsically. Determination makes you so firm in your beliefs that failure is not an option.
Motivation and inspiration are excellent stepping stones towards achievement, but the ultimate goal is independent self-determination. Determination equals the dedication you need to win personally and professionally.

Meet Beatrice Johnson

Believer, Wife, Mother, Friend, Veteran, Mentor, Author, Spiritual Teacher/ Advisor, International Missionary, Ordained Elder, World Traveler, Inspirational Speaker, Pastoral Counselor, Life Long Learner, Philanthropist, Client Centered.

3 reasons to book Beatrice Johnson for your event

Choose someone who will help you make the most of your event. Choose Beatrice Johnson because:


She is not interested in offering a one time feel good experience. She aims to provide valuable information that will continueously enhance your quality of life.


She promotes the truth passionately without cliche fluff, putting help and compassion over hype and charisma.


She does not target the individuals temporary emotions, but aims to strengthen the spirit and mind, encouraging permanent change.

Beatrice Johnson can travel to you no matter where you are. Contact her today to discuss a potential public speaking engagement in your city.