Elder Johnson is a guest speaker at our church usually one or two times a year. She has proven to be outstanding professionally and spiritually as a dedicated speaker. She puts her whole heart into the work of the gospel. I find her to be a person of great moral integrity. Every experience with her has been pleasant and enlightening.

Juanita H.

I booked Beatrice for a Young Women's Empowerment Event. I assigned her a topic and she presented it very well! She spoke to the girls realistically and compassionately in a way they could understand. Even the parents enjoyed her message. She used fun activities to make her points stronger.

Stephanie M.

I like her spiritual/personal development advising. It was a good investment of my time. She is realistic but still inspiring.

Latoya W.

Beatrice is a genuinely amazing person. She has a good heart and I am truly blessed to have her in my life. I had a hardship that caused me to spiral downward mentally and Beatrice helped me tremendously. Although we are miles apart, I know that every conversation with Beatrice will be honest, friendly, and positive as if we were talking together face to face. I couldn't ask for better qualities in a friend and I love her dearly for that!

Paris H.